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Christianity In The Modern Age

In modern age, Christianity is one of the largest and widely spread religions in the world. The follower of this religion is known as Christians. They worship Jesus as god and believe that they have a unique significance in the whole world. It is based upon the miracles and teachings of Jesus. Most of the Christians believe that he is a son of god, Saviour of humanity and fully human & divine. The Christian called Jesus as a Messiah or Christ. It explains the sacrifice of Jesus as a beautiful forgiveness and act of love on the part of god. It is more supportive than another religious tradition on earth.

Christianity is committed to truth and personal integrity. It is mainly based on the differences of opinion and interpretation of the Bible and also explains a set of beliefs that Christians hold as essential to their faith. Today in modern age, Christianity has three major groups which hold its own internal pluralism: Orthodox Christian Churches, Catholic Communion and Protestant movements. The Easter Orthodox and Roman Catholic churches begin in the schism of 11th century, split from one another. The protestant movement split from Roman Catholic and started during the reformation of 16th century.

According to the Bible, Christians inspired by the word of god i.e. God breathed, that teaches the matters of practice and faith. They only believe that God is a Trinity, which exists in three persons- The Holy Spirit, The Father and The Jesus Christ (Son). They believe that your inner nature changed from human to divinity of God. It is a way of life which is based upon love of people and love of god.

In the world, all other religions teach us that we do some sort of good in cooperation with god to achieve the right in presence of god but Christianity only teaches salvation by grace. Salvation is freedom to pursue a good relationship with god and freedom from the old sin. The debt of our sin is paid and has fellowship with god. The victory of Christians based on struggling with sin which is managed by the Holy Spirit and also applying and studying the words of god in their lives. They believe that the human being was created a special relationship with god but all men separate their sins from god. Christianity teaches that Jesus Christ walked this earth, as fully man and fully god and died on the cross.