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History Of American Law

American law that has many of the fundamental principles of the Constitution of the United States is the most respected law in the land. The law has also been used by other nations to draft their law and form the constitution. The American law is based on what is right and what is wrong. This means that it uses a lot of ethics and values of the human race. The aim of any law is not to punish people but to make it easy for people to live together and create a system where offenders get to pay for their mistakes. It is, therefore, a set of values that have in mind the nature of the human race. Though the laws are made and designed by the central government, they represent the true picture of what people feel about what is right and what is wrong. What the society feels is drafted into laws to make co values, laws and ways that people live with. A connection between morality and law exists in the American Law.

English Common Law

This law is based on the known and cultural way of settling disputes. In the past, different kingdoms had their systems. They were unique those some had a lot of similarities. With time went on, some kingdoms came together so as to form a stronger dynasty. This led to them revising the judicial system to more formalized and organized. These systems were a great foundation of the American common law. In English Common law, cases were listened by both parties giving their side of the story. A decision would then be reached by the people presiding over the case basing on the pieces of evidence collected from both sides of the story. Before a decision is made, the judges are supposed to follow a given guideline and look at the past similar cases and their rulings. This was in the effort to give a decision that is common to all for cases that are similar.

Blackstone’s Contribution

Before the American Revolution, Blackstone published a lot of material on common law. He described all systems of making a decision as a system that used prior cases before making decisions. This is commonly known as case laws. According to him, rulings are based on a collection of cases. His documentaries and literature were important for the formation of the American Law. It was vital when time to make a government system came.