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Medieval Europe

Europe had known for its lively society during 1000 to 1500 AD. A time of castles, cathedrals and growing towns that later created the traders and craftsmen’s influence on the government. The powerful force in Medieval Europe was Kings that led forces of KNIGHTS and foot soldiers. Kings were the key authority that created laws, encouraged trade and composed taxes. Whereas, great states were run by the Nobles on the condition that they would support the king instruction. Church was considered important in every area of life, whether its schools, hospitals or universities of Medieval Europe.

The people of Medieval Europe believed that God and the king have ruled the world through power and authority. Although, God has used Church for ruling this universe. However, the only source of learning were painted pictures in churches, Bible stories, and saints from preachers for ordinary people.

Medieval Europe towns have started development through growing up markets in which exchange of goods and services were made that farm produces through specialized craftsmen, such as weavers and shoemakers. The apprentices training had organized through the regulated prices of the guilds, traders, and craftsmen. Whereas, the life of peasant families roam around by working on their local lord’s fields. In order to get a return of their own plots of land. However, lord’s permission was required for the peasant to travel or marry. Therefore, they were not free. Moreover, carpenters were considered as skilled men and women’s job was weaving of cloth or brew ale.

How were castles looked in the time of Medieval Europe?

A set of the fortified building is known as a castle. It is huge. Whereas, the first castle was built around 900 years ago. The material used for making a castle was the wooden fortress on top of an earth mound. Afterward, the stone had used to build castle’s towers, strong defensive walls, battlements, and moats. Later, castles became homes that consider as a place of pride and prestige.

However, many people think that castles were used during wartime, which somehow is true because castles were used for providing shelter to nobles, soldiers, and KNIGHTS during wartime. In the days of peace around 1200, every castle had its own nobleman in which he and his family had lived and was able to use private rooms for their guests.