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Women’s Rights

Looking at today’s world of defining circumstances and phenomena, along with categorizing all areas of life, whether they are of medical, economic, political or personal nature, offer a large pool of words and expressions used interchangeably. This matter can be looked upon as being eloquent or sophisticated, but it can also cause many issues to be addressed.

Two of the notions, apparently similar, which have been affected by various forms of use are the terms ‘gender’ and ‘sex’. I will deal with the notion of gender socially defined, as gender describes the socially and culturally formed and accepted role of women and men, as well as their behavior and relationship between them. The gender attributes differ by society, religion, age, and are also context/time-specific and changeable. Gender can be viewed as a respective role learned by individuals. The role may be allowed, expected or even desired by society, or forced upon due to cultural, religious, and social circumstances.

Gender Roles

One aspect to be taken into consideration is that gender is related to society and the roles which individuals have to perform; moreover, it differs in context, being subject to change. As for gender roles, they are described as social norms, implying different behaviors of men and women. For instance, a woman plays different parts daily, from the choice of clothing to the everyday occupation. Men and women are expected to behave appropriately according to their roles in society. Gender roles are traditional postures accepted by individuals; furthermore, these roles shape and constrain individuals who accept and conform to the responsibilities given by society.

Fighting for their Rights

Women play roles in society; still, they have rights they fought for. These rights are claimed by women worldwide. Moreover, these rights are supported by laws, local customs and behaviors. However, there are countries that ignore and suppress these rights. For instance, women are discriminated at the work place. Women are thought to stay at home, take care of their children, and never go to work. Laws should be implemented in order to sustain women’s rights. Gender stereotypes should be eradicated while gender equality should be promoted. Jobs should be open for women as well because equality should be maintained. It is well-known that women are treated differently than men in society, at home as well as at the workplace. Even if they demonstrated and got the right to vote, there are still things to fight for.