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The world today is faced with terrorism riddle that has increasingly seemed impossible to solve. Nations that have a lot of military power have not come up with a way forward even as thousands of people around the world die after terrorist’s activities. More over, people now live in fear because of the increasing cases of terror while governments do little or nothing about the issue. Even so, because of failure to identify the real cause of the issue, it has been difficult to come up with a way forward. While some site issues such as poverty and political instability in some counties, others point at religious extremism. Indeed, most of the governments and international bodies do not seem to agree on the causes. It is, therefore, asserted that solving terrorism will only be possible when the real cause will be identified.

Religious Extremism and Terrorism

In 2013, statistics indicated that 80% of deaths from terrorism occurred in Islamic nations such as Afghanistan, Syria, and Pakistan. In such instances, most of the terrorists try to overthrow the governments and create Islamic nations. The belief is that Sharia law is superior to any other law especially the one from the western nations. Further, they twist the teachings of Quran to justify their criminal activities. However, most of Islamic groups have condemned the acts and further denied that their holy teachings should be used to justify crime. In any case, even after governing using Sharia law, terrorism has still been on the rise in those nations. Hence, it is hard to point out at the exact reasons as to why terrorists exist.

Economic and Political Inabilities

It is argued that young people in some poverty stricken nations have joined terrorism groups to earn a living. They are offered a lot of money to commit crime by the group leaders. However, there are many other jobless young people in the same nations who do not join the group. Still, those who join terror groups are willing to die in the process, which means that they will not enjoy their ill-gotten wealth. Further still, the wealth achieved does not seem to benefit the regions where the terrorists come from.

Evidently, terrorists have demanded that some nations to deal with historical injustices. However, the international community has been hesitant to do so. As a result, nations such as Israel and America have been targeted by the group. However, there are many nations that have not resorted to crime even after such injustices. More so, false information and perceptions have been used to make such demands. Precisely, because the cause of terrorism is unknown, it is hard for nations to come up with an amicable solution.