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History Of Basketball

Basketball game can be traced in 1891. The game was invented in Springfield. The inventor of the game was Canadian James Naismith and who was an instructor in physical education. Compared to football, James Naismith found out that the basketball game was less injurious to the players. The game got popularity in 20th century and its popularity continued to increase. The game was later introduced in colleges and it became a professional game just like football or any other games. The growth in popularity began in America and then seen spreading to other countries and nations.

Invention of Basketball

James Naismith is the instructor in Physical Education that will be forever remembered for the invention of the basketball game. The initial invention aim was to find young athletes a game they could play especially when it is cold and to come up with a less injurious game for the youths. Basketball game originally had thirteen rules. Smith organized a team of 18 players with which he divided into to make the learning and teaching process easier. There were fruit baskets in the gym nailed in the balcony. The game involved throwing the ball into these baskets. After a score, the game had to halt to have the ball retrieved back. Later the basket bottoms were removed. The initial or first game was played on March 1892 in Springfield.

Original Rules of Basketball

Throwing the ball using either one or both or both hands were allowed. Batting the ball using one hand or both was allowed. Running with the ball was not permitted. Players were allowed to use hands to hold the ball and not arm or the body. Tripping, holding, shouldering, striking and tripping were fouls. Using the fist to strike the ball was also a foul. In case a team made three consecutive fouls, opponents earned a score. A goal was made after the ball is thrown and enters the basket. If the ball is batted from the ground and gets into the basket, a goal was earned. Game time was thirty minutes; two halves of fifteen minutes each with five minutes break between the halves. Considered the winner was the side that made more scores. Throughout the game, the umpire was the judge and was to notify the judge on fouls made. In case the ball went out of the playing field it was thrown back and the one who first touches it continues to play.