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Ford Motor Company


The Ford Motor Company is, a multinational company, based in the US. It is responsible for engineering various large scale car production methods. Owned and established by the Ford family, the company is the world’s fifth largest automotive company and has been included in the New York stock exchange list. They maintain a high profile by maintaining stakes in a variety of automotive companies, participating in the sports car competitions and producing high quality cars.


This incredibly successful automotive company was started by Henry Ford, at the age of 39, in the 1900’s. Ford contributed to the automotive industry by; introducing the first Assembly line and creating a low priced car, which was powered by an engine, in 1932. Over the years he introduced a variety of new advancements to their cars, like a reminder belt for the seat belts.

As their company began to progress, Ford began to buy stakes in other companies like the Aston Martin. The family has retained their voting rights, despite selling company shares over the years.

Their success can be shown through their sales over the years. These sales may have dropped during the 21st century’s financial crisis, but they were able to overcome its effects and continue profiting in the diverse market.

Products and Operations

The Ford Motor Company runs successful operations across most of the world including; the United States, Argentina, Canada, China, Mexico and Koreas. While the Ford family has kept to selling commercial vehicles, using the Ford brand, they have expanded their platform by owning stakes in car companies that sell SUV’s and luxury cars. In the past they also sold tractors and car parts.

Ford is also heavily involved in motorsports worldwide, winning several international titles at the FIA world championships. They are one of NASCAR’s manufacturers, and have supplied engines for many Formula One racing cars over the years.

Cars and automotive vehicles are known to have a large impact on the environment, and the Ford Family has tried to counter them by adopting a variety of environmental initiatives. Over the years they have been working to lessen the effects that car parts have on our ecosystem. They have invented cars that run on compressed gas and flexible fuels, electricity and hydrogen; working to increase the fuels efficiency and reduce smog emissions. Ford Motor Company is a great car company which has been running successfully, under the guidance of the Ford Company, for the past century.