Level Up To A-plus Quality Essay

Put those mediocre B-minus essays on the trash pile and level up to A-plus quality. Hopefully, with a little bit of guidance, you can successfully transition from a good writer, to a fantastic one. So put a bit of thinking into your projects, work a little harder, and don’t be afraid to try a few new strategies to turn your essay into a piece that will impress your teacher.

How To Choose A Paper Format For Writing A College Reflection Essay

A reflective essay is where the writer assesses their experiences in life. The writer is not only reflecting on past experiences, but they are also presenting how they have changed and developed over time. However, depending on the instructions given by your professor, you are likely not writing a self-reflection but a reflection on certain lessons or lectures that were taught in class. The important thing to understand is that the essay is personal and subjective while using descriptive language.

Choosing a format depends on the subject matter that you are assigned to write. These formats or styles could be:

  • MLA (Modern Language Association)
  • Chicago/Tribune
  • APA (American Psychological Association)
  • AMA (American Medical Association)

Again, choosing to write in these styles depend on your assignment or the subject area in which you want to write. The format also depends on your audience (a college audience, professional audience, or a broader audience). After selecting the format that reflect your assignment and your audience, be sure that your essay follows the outline of most writing. It should have an introduction, body, and conclusion. Each of these should contain:

  • Introduction
  • The writer introduces himself or herself or the topic in question. If necessary, the introduction will have a thesis statement. This is only necessary if the writer is somehow arguing a point, has some sort of position on the subject matter or is presenting a perspective.

  • Body
  • The body of the essay explains any changes that the writer made or whatever lesson they learned based on their life experience. The body also includes when the changes occurred and what caused them to make the changes. If arguing a point, this is where the supporting evidence and a perspective will be presented.

  • Conclusion
  • This part of the essay should include a summary of the reflection or the changes that they made during the time period as well as what the writer hopes to accomplish in the future.

Remember when writing any type of paper or essay, making an outline will definitely keep you organized, and it will act as a reminder of what you are writing. Yes, an outline is very important. It keeps you on task. You can make your outline complete sentences to help you remember how to begin each paragraph, or you can simply make it about the topics you wish to reflect about.