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A Report on the Book France: An Illustrated History by Lisa Neal


No one can doubt the rich history of the French people. This is a reality that is captured well in the book France: An Illustrated History by Lisa Neal. It is a 1996 publication by Hippocrene Books publishers under the copyright name of Lisa Neal. It is a non-fictional text that presents the history of France from the prehistoric era to modern times. While the book explores diverse subjects that shaped the French history, it also offers a detailed account of great people and how they influenced the different eras of the country’s history.


The book France: An Illustrated History by Lisa Neal is an insightful text that discusses different events that played a central role in writing the French history. Some of the main themes discussed in the book include the relationships between France and her neighbors. In addition, France as a nation has consistently faced tension between two competing ideas of national unity and regional independence. This tension is also explored extensively in this book. The author of the book also explores the role or contributions of the Catholic Church in shaping the French History. As indicated in the book, the History of France was also influenced by different developments and specifically the advancements in pubic spheres and education.


This book sounds boring from the start, but as you progress reading it your attention cannot evade the interesting events that are explored through personal experiences. It is evident that Neal used individual experiences in writing the book in order to give it a human face. I must admit that this strategy efficiently captured my interests and emotions. The last chapters of the book are more elaborate and give the real picture of the events that majorly influenced French history right from the prehistoric period to date. Written in a less complex words and a flowing plot, the book is easy to read.


From my point of view, the book is boring especially in the first few chapters, but it is a great book for anyone who wants to understand the rich history of the French people. Although it is written in an academic tone, the presence of individual experiences is a remarkable strategy that captured my attention throughout the book. Indeed, this is a book that I will recommend for any one seeking to understand past and recent events that shaped the French history.