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How Has Social Media Affected Our Society?

Social media has affected how our society interacts with each other. It also has given us the opportunity to share information in real time with the world. Social media even played a part in things like politics, we get most of our news about the last election from social media and you can find out what is going on around the world in real time because of social media.

Businesses have also started to use social media more. Most businesses now have their own social media profiles and they are keep up to date with all of the new stuff going on in the company. And loyal followers or people that like their pages will get prize, discounts, and some companies even hold contests. We also now have the means to stay in touch with all of our friends around the world. Social media has made it easy to stay in touch with old friends and family members as well as giving us a new platform to make new friends.

As with any new technology, there are some downfalls to it. One is that some people live completely on these sites are starting to ignore the real world outside of social media. One thing that is does is give people that are mean the opportunity to be mean to others. There is a rise of cyber bullying and people getting harassed on these sites. Social media gives bullies something to hide behind and be disrespectful to others from the comfort of their own home. Another downfall is that social media can impact our productivity. Most work places now place blocks on social media sites to deter their employees from being on them all day and not doing their work.

If you are not careful, your social media life can haunt you. Most people post everything on there social media sites and don’t think about the repercussions of it. These sites can cost you a job because of the things that you post online. They can also make your victim to a crime such as stalking, identity theft, and even robbery. This is because criminals are now using social media to see where people are and to steal stuff when they aren’t home. As you can see there are some major changes that have happened since the introduction of social media but society has to be careful with how they use it and know what to and not to post on their profiles.