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Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa is one of the most respected and highly celebrated religious women. She was born on August 26, 1910 to a famous business person in Skopje in Macedonia. Her parents named her Agnes. Her mother was devoted religious woman. At age of eight years, her father passed away. Her mother was forced to start a small business of selling clothes to upkeep her family. During her teenage, Agnes used most of her parish. On September 1928, went to Dublin in Ireland where she join Loreto convent as a postulant. Here, Agnes was named Teresa by the –convent administration.

Agnes stayed in Dublin for one year before she was send to India by the convent administration. Agnes arrived in Calcutta in India on January 6, 1929 and joined the Loreto novitiate. In Calcutta, Agnes was named mother Teresa. Agnes studied in Loreto novitiate until May 24, 1937 when she graduated as a professional nun. After graduation, Agnes began to teach in a medium school in Calcutta until in late nineteen forties when she received a call to start a mission of charity services.

Missionaries of charity

Mother Teresa received call to missionaries of charity on September 10, 1946 when she was on her way to medium school (St. Mary’s) where she was teaching. This call inspired mother Teresa to begin developing missionaries of charity which involved all age sets. Her mission statement was to satiate the increasing thirst of the word of God through the love of our savior Christ Jesus, laboring for the work of God and offering services to the needy. The missionary of charity congregation was officially launched on October seventh, 1950.

The missionaries of charity grew and expanded very first in late nineteen fifties and early nineteen sixties, becoming very famous within and outside India. The catholic religious pope by then, Pope Paul VI recommended the work of the missionaries of charity. The missionaries of charity continued to grow and expand outside India, and by late nineteen sixties, it had reached foreign nations of Africa continent and Europe.

Success of Missionaries of Charity

Mother Teresa missionaries of charity services are one of the things which made her so famous and receive high respect around the globe. Her tireless laboring to cherish peace, love and services to the poor was highly accepted and recognized in almost all nations of the world. Nevertheless, despite her repeated efforts to set up missionaries of charity foundations in china, she never succeeded. All the same, in 1979, mother Teresa was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Mother Teresa passed on on September fifth 1997 in Calcutta at age of eighty seven years.