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Policemen of the World

The United Nations was established after World War II to ensure that another major war would not occur throughout the world again. World War II was one of the greatest tragedies that occurred in the history of civilization. One of the major reasons why World War II may have occurred is because there were too many powerful nations in the world who were trying to become the domineering power in the entire world. You had Germany who wanted to wipe out Jews from the entire planet and there was Japan who wanted to be the dominant nation of East Asia. Even, England had the problem of taking over different parts of the world and colonizing them. England up to the 21st Century, was one of the most powerful nations due to the many countries they had colonized and occupied.

The United Nations created the world police force called NATO to police the countries around the globe. The main purpose of NATO is ensure that nations around the world learn to work together in a diplomatic manner. Also, NATO ensures that countries around the world do not abuse their citizens or violate their human rights. Also, NATO ensures that countries do not violate the civil liberties and human rights of citizens in other countries. Prior to the creation of the United Nations, many countries signed peace treaties that stated they would not declare war against each other. Since the creation of United Nations, there have been many wars, but none like World War I or World War II.

NATO is under the governing powers of the United Nations and is considered the “police of the world”. The main purpose of NATO is to ensure that there will never be another war like WWII. The main purpose of NATO is police countries that are under the United Nations. Sometimes the powers of NATO are questioned and undermined by many nations like North Korea, Syria, etc. But, many countries continue to support and recognize the powers of NATO as the “police” for the entire world. Many nations question the reason why NATO is needed and sometimes feel that no one should come into their country to “police” them. But, NATO has played a major role ensuring that major wars between nations were avoided. NATO has also ensured that many countries treat their people in a humane manner and do not violate their human rights.