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The issue of poverty is something that many are involved with. Poverty can be a determining factor in an individuals future. Those without money for healthcare or education can have much shorter lifespans than those who have access to all of the essentials that money can indeed, buy.

Income Inequality

Income inequality can be blamed as the biggest obstacle to individual opportunity. Despite measures and laws designed to make it more equal, the rich are actually getting richer and the poor are really getting poorer.


One problem with poverty is that it costs money to get out of poverty. Despite programs that help with the cost of getting an education, there still continues to be a problem with poorer people getting educated. Very few low-cost educational programs are completely debt-free. A person often has to take on thousands of dollars of debt regardless in addition to what they have to come up with right now. Even if they can get into a free school program, there are ongoing obstacles like transportation, material costs and loss of income while the person is going to school and can't be at work.

Food and Water

While many know that food, water and shelter are essential to life, these resources continue to be income based. Because everyone needs these things, the people who have the money can procure them for a low price and sell them to people for a decent profit. Because they are essential, people have no choice but to pay whatever is being charged. As long as needed materials and utilities are profit based, equality seems impossible.


Access to healthcare still continues to be an issue. Even with politician's starry-eyed ideas, affordable healthcare around the world is virtually non-existent. Medical care continues to be costly because companies that make medicines and medical equipment are allowed to charge exorbitant fees for the. while medical equipment is very technical, so is factory equipment with many moving parts. However, a factory can be equipped for several hundred thousand dollars while fully equipping a hospital costs millions.


As long as there is a capital based economic system in the world, there will be those who have and those who have not. The fact is, having money makes it easier to invest in things that can make money. Without being able to do the same things as a person with money, a poor person will find it difficult to get an opportunity to succeed with. If necessary things like food, clean water, medical care and education start to operate on a revenue stream other than directly from the client or the student, there could just be a chance at poverty becoming an exception instead of the general rule.