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Switzerland As A Neutral Country

The country of Switzerland hay enjoyed state of prolonged peace thanks to its neutrality. A state that is independent is given a right to claim its neutrality in the event of a war. This leaves the country bound to treat all other warring countries equally. The Hague Convection formed in the year 1907 stipulates the duties and rights of any neutral state. When a country declares itself a neutral state, it has obligations to fulfill and is not allowed to take any sides even in future wars between the two warring nations. Austria, Sweden, Finland and Ireland are the only known neutral countries in Europe. In most cases, countries declared themselves neutral countries to avoid being attacked. Unfortunately, these countries end up being the most targeted countries.

Advantages of Swiss Neutrality

By being a neutral country, Switzerland was protected by the international treaty from attack. This means that no country was supposed to attack a neutral country. This provision was however violated by most Germany and most of its allies during World War Two. They dropped bombs on Switzerland soil with the aim of provoking it so as to join in the war. Switzerland, however, stayed put and did not join in the war. It was thus able to save a lot of resources that it would have used during the war. Many countries that took part in the war are still recuperating from the economic stress that they put themselves in because of the war. Others are suffering from adverse effects of the chemical bombs that were used in their countries. Switzerland and other neutral courtiers were lucky to avoid such effects.

National Relations

Due to non-involvement in the war, Switzerland has managed to maintain good relations with many Nations. This is the reason it receives many visitors. It is a base of many of the UN Organizations and this brings it a lot of foreigners. This is a significant boost to the tourism industry of Switzerland. Switzerland also operates many international accounts that are not restricted. Many people are comfortable with its neutrality and thus consider banking there as it would be easy to manage accounts even in the event of another war. It also leads in the production of a variety of goods. Production in large scale began during the war as it had to be prepared to give aid to fighting nations. This was a significant boost because even after the war when many fighting companies were recovering, Switzerland exported a lot and boosted its economy.