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The Canterbury Tales: Wife Of Bath

The Wife of Bath's Tale is alluded to actually as an exemplum, a tale advised to elucidate a knowledgeable thought. For this instance, the story is to give a response to the inquiry "What do ladies most craving?" Although Chaucer had a thoughts' portion from different sources, he restructure the story to fit in with the Wife of Bath's preface and her fundamental proposition that ladies most yearning "dominion." For instance, Chaucer uses a more seasoned vixen — the Wife of Bath who has quite recently hitched a man older than she is with twenty years — as the storyteller educating a story regarding an old hag who obtain dominance over her energetic spouse and the outcome being that the couple living a satisfied and a long, joyful life.


The story the Wife of Bath narrates about the change of an old hag into a lovely maid was very understood in folk tale and verse. One of Chaucer's counterparts, the artist John Gower, composed a form of the same story that was exceptionally prevalent in Chaucer's chance. Though, while the ethical of the story of the hateful hag is that genuine magnificence exists in, the Wife of Bath reaches at such a conclusion just by chance. Her idea is that, revolting or pretty, ladies ought to be obeyed in all things by their spouses.

The old hag may be planned to speak for the Wife of Bath herself, in any case as she would like others to see her. Despite the fact that hag has matured, she is equipped for showing all of the force and inward loveliness of her childhood if the right man show up, likewise as the Wife did with her fifth and most loved spouse, the energetic Jankyn. Even though the old hag turns into a delightful young lady in light of the youthful knight's well timed reaction, it is hazy whether he genuinely had enough regard for the old lady that he permitted her to decide for herself, or whether he had just figured out how to supply her with the right reply.


  • Christianity
  • Earnestness and absurdity
  • Equity and judgment
  • Sex and infidelity
  • Tales, literature and fabliaux
  • Words and dialect
  • Stopping, retribution and paying obligations
  • Tellers as emotional voices
  • Women's liberation and hostile to woman's rights

In conclusion, besides the high scholarly standard of The Canterbury Tales, the work remains as a chronicled and sociological prologue to the life and times of the late Old Ages. Amid Chaucer's chance, irrespective how skillful and gifted one may be, there was no chance for an ordinary person to move from his class into the nobility. Chaucer, still, made that jump and additionally anybody could. As an ordinary person, he was acquainted with and was acknowledged by the lower classes along with the higher classes; hence, for the rest of his life, he was able to watch both the most elevated and the least, and his talented personality made the best of these chances.