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To Kill A Mockingbird

Written by Harper Lee and published in the year 1960, “To Kill a Mockingbird” is a novel that is greatly successful. Due to its quality, it won the Pulitzer Prize and became a classic work of contemporary American literature. The novel is basically placed in the author’s life especially touching on her family and the people living in their neighborhood. One of the main events covered in the novel was one occurrence that took place in 1936, a time when he was only 10. This novel is a great piece of writing whose main themes revolve around humor and warmth though in a setting with serious life issues about racial inequality and rape.

 Atticus Finch, the father to the narrator served as a great moral hero for big audiences and as an archetypal honorable being adored by lawyers. Its subject on race is very deep especially now that it is a subject that is not new to the American society. The story starts with an injury on Jem, the narartor’s brother who developed a broken arm at the age of thirteen. Despite the injury, Jem’s love for football knows no bounds. A flash-forward in the novel shows an argument between the narrator and the brother about where the story actually begins. The writing is too technical but an adept learner can easily fathom the ideas being explained. The narrator finally asserts that it all started with Andrew Jackson whose behavior caused Simon Finch, their forefather to acquire their current settlement. Right in that flash-forward, a flashback emerges explaining about Simon Finch and how he managed to move to the United States where he finally settled in Alabama after wandering for some time. He had created a lot of wealth and settled with a family and slaves for himself.

The events revolving around this novel are quite comical in the sense that Simon’s homestead was self-sufficient, being run by his male descendants. They sold cotton to purchase what could not be produced by the farm. The title of the novel makes reference to the local belief stating that it is a sin to kill a mockingbird. The narrator is thinly making an implication that the people who killed Tom Robinson did an unjust, immoral and a sinful thing. The words used sound funny yet the issue is a grave matter. The reader can easily be carried away by the humor inside the writing and forget the serious issues being addressed. Its humor sticks through the novel right from its beginning.