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What Is Deforestation?


Deforestation is the destruction of forests around the world. As much as 2.4 acres of rainforest are cut down per second. With the destruction of the rainforests being this rapid, there is a real danger that the world’s rainforests could be completely destroyed within 100 years. This destruction could lead to the extinction of many plants and animals not only in the rainforest but also on a global scale.


Most of the rainforests are situated around the equator. They cover only about 7% of the globe’s surface and yet have a major impact on life. Rainforests can be found in:

  • Africa
  • America (North and South)
  • Asia
  • Oceania

There are both large and smaller rainforests that are found all around the globe. The largest ones include:

  • Amazon River (South America)
  • Congo River (Africa)
  • Madagascar
  • New Guinea

There are also smaller rainforests that are found in other places around the equator. Unlike other places in the world, rainforests typically have only two seasons: wet and dry. This is due to the location with being on the Equator. These extremes allow rainforests to grow unique plantation and unique wildlife. Deforestation therefore means that these plants and wildlife are at threat of being made extinct.


Deforestation happens when mankind destroys the rainforest. One of the most common causes of deforestation is logging where timber is then sold on to make a variety of products. Deforestation is also caused when the land is needed for other uses such as:

  • Agriculture
  • Cattle farming
  • Drilling for oil or gas
  • Mining

On occasion, deforestation also occurs through land development, private usage and even in some cases sold to large corporations. In the past deforestation has occurred through civil wars and when there has been no knowledge of what would happen should the rainforest be cut down.


The effects of deforestation can be severe and we have no idea on what this could mean for the global climate. The effects could be devastating for life all over the globe and not just for life in the rainforest areas.

What is certain is that with the damage being done, animals are losing their habitat. Many of the animals living in a rainforest area are now protected by law but still deforestation continues. It continues because many countries cannot afford adequate policing for the rainforest areas. In some areas, governments need to sell the land because of money issues. Whatever the reason there is a need to stop the deforestation so we can prevent any more devastation.